LA Galaxy and Milan agree to David Beckham timeshare deal
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Friday, 06 March 2009 06:09

I've been David Beckham, good night.

This is the last post I will write about the Milan/Galaxy/David Beckham threeway - probably, ahem - and anyway, I can't match the delightful insights and vitriol of my friends across the Atlantic, Messrs Loney and Archer. Compared with them, I'm a casual bystander whose main interest in Beckham is what new torture contraption his wife is wearing on her long-suffering feet. (I may have a slight foot fetish, football fans. Shhhh.)

Here's the deal, according to most news agencies on the planet, Beckham stays with Milan until mid-July, then returns to LA until the end of October. Then he goes back to Milan for the rest of the 2009/10 Serie A season. Beckham will fund the majority of the loan fee being paid to the Galaxy out of his own fat wallet - a gesture which a) confirms how desperately he wants to prolong his career at the highest level, and b) is nothing short of a huge insult to everyone involved with the Galaxy.

If I was one of Beckham's Galaxy teammates, how would I feel when he walks up at the training ground in July in whatever monstrous gas guzzler he picked out that morning? I'd feel like "Here's a guy who paid his own money so he wouldn't have to play with me."

Good for the Galaxy's morale? I don't think so. Maybe his teammates will make a pact not to pass to him. That'll learn ya, limey.

Ultimately, I guess this is the best solution for an intractable position. Everyone wins a little bit, but I can't help but feel that the Galaxy - who should have wielded the most power in this negotiation; they own Becks, after all - will bear the scars of being burned long after Beckham has retired.

Threesomes never end well.

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